Introducing the Rifled Jag

The Rifled  Jag is a major improvement over the conventional rifle/pistol cleaning jag.  It is the first rifled jag (patented) that features precise helical cut flutes that align and mirror match the specific caliber rifling.  The flutes allow the jag to be of a larger diameter than the conventional jag, and thereby reach into the barrel’s grooves for a thorough cleaning of their surfaces. Rifled Jags are manufactured to Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute calibers standards.

Designed for close tolerance, the Rifled  Jag  pre-compresses the cotton patch to provide a uniform pressure that scrubs the surfaces.  The result is a superior and more complete cleaning, never before attained with any rifle cleaning equipment.


If you do not see a Rifled Jag offered for your caliber, one can be custom made.  To do this, lead slug your barrel and send us the slug, along with a check for $9.95, plus $4.99 for shipping, for a total of $14.94 to: 

Bill Rohlin

Rifled Jag, Inc.

4911 Clinton Rd.

Jackson, Michigan 49201