The Rifled Jag Features

  • Helically cross-cut ribs
  • Tailored patch overlay
  • Full residue absorbency
  • Direct and uniform pressure 
  • Deepest, most complete removal of gunpowder residue

The Rifled Jag is a brass rifle cleaning tool.  Cylindrical  and  over an inch long, it is threaded (8-32) at one end for attachment to a cleaning rod, preferably solid with swivel handle.  The opposite end of the Rifled Jag is a spear for impaling and capturing a cotton flannel patch.  The patch overlays the rib section of the Riffle Jag and drapes its skirt onto the shank length.  The shank length has a reduced diameter for out-of-the-way tucking.

Testimonial:  Doug B. of Jackson, Mi. reported that: after using the Rifled Jag, his 100 yard group sizes shrunk from 5" to 2.5" diameter, and that his hole sizes were crisp, no longer ragged - indicating a cleaner barrel free of residue that effects bullet stability and accuracy.
About the Rifled Jag, Mike P. stated:  "It gets the corners."
And, Mike R. says this about the Rifled Jag:  "I installed a new Shilen barrel on my Remington 700 and haven't been able to get it clean in the nooks and crannies...not to mention the copper in the bottom of the grooves.   This'll take care of it."
Greg L. reported: ".. after cleaning his 6.5mm with the Rifled Jag, he shot the best 3-group of his life - at 100 yards, all three in the same hole."